Deal Sites!

Sometimes I am a bit of a coupon clown. My family knows it, my boss knows's bad. Over the holiday season I would scour websites for the best deals on toys, electronics, etc. I got some AWESOME steals. I think I paid $40 total for all of Sydney's Christmas gifts, and she definitely got a TON of stuff. I have added some of the best sites that I have come across in my 2 years of couponing.

Collin does an amazing job of keeping up, sometimes up to the minute, with all of the deals around the web. This is especially helpful during holidays. I trust most all of the content she posts. If there is an error, she will get to the bottom of it and make corrections on the site. Happy hunting!

Southern Savers!! What can I say, this is an awesome website for grocery store couponing. Also, Walgreens & CVS ads are so helpful. Read the comments sections for other peoples scenarios and what they were able to score.