Monday, August 8, 2011


I grill a lot of chicken. A lot. It is  usually my go-to meal of the week, and sometimes I catch myself making it twice a week. So I am committing myself to cook every night this week, and I am going to blog about it with recipes and my thoughts. There are so many fabulous recipes out there and I know my family gets tired of chicken, brown rice and green beans. . . Even if I don't. 

Last night was technically a cooking night, but I cooked at my parents so it kind of counts. I made meatloaf, green beans (see!), mashed potatoes, salad and bread. But I consider that a hearty meal. This week my menu includes vegetables and proteins to go along with my faux cleanse that I have put myself on. With the exception of brown rice and black beans, the meals should all be pretty diet friendly. 

Earth Fare recently opened by our house and they have fantastic coupons, I am using one for a FREE whole natural chicken with a $10 purchase, which shouldn't be too hard. Harris Teeter for all of the other ingredients and I should be able to make all dinners under 50 bucks for the week. Not too bad, we will see how it really turns out.

Here is a menu so far:
Monday: Tex-Mex stuffed peppers Tuesday: Italian Baked Fish Wednesday: Creole Chicken Thursday: Easy Crock Pot Chicken . . .and I still haven't decided on Friday since I work late that night. I max rearrange my meals to have a crock pot dish that night and throw in pork or some other protein in the middle of the week. At this point I am excited. I will keep you posted after the completion of the first meal. As they say in Italy, Mangia!put

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