Wednesday, March 16, 2011

De. Feated.

I'm not usually one to talk about how I feel, rarely ever will you hear me share my feelings with anybody. Even my husband. Unless of course I am nagging/ get the picture.

Lately I have felt, blah. I am completely committed to doing photography and I really love it. I enjoy having something that I have complete control of but sometimes I just sit down on the ground and throw up my hands. I have been looking at other people's photographs and think, 'wow those are ah-mazing!' how can I ever compete with people like THAT! I have done a few sessions that I feel are incomplete. I also had a few (meaning, 5) discs NOT work when the person receving the pictures tried to load them. I just get this sick feeling like I want to hide and not show my face but I know that is all part of the learning process. I know that everybody has trials and you just have to find what works best for you, I get it. I am also impatient. I want it to happen NOW. Clearly it's just not gonna.  I have the worst business mind in the world. I want everybody to be satisfied with the work I do for them, I want them to TELL me if they're not. Ugh, it's so frustrating. (this is getting to be a me,me,me post) Anyhow I want to know how to do websites, and banners and logos and everything fancy but I can't. I can research it, but I don't. I feel that everything I do is half complete. I want to learn to complete EVERYTHING I do, in a timely fashion also. I'm not sure what the hang up is, I have control over my actions and I should quit complaining about it and do it. There. I'm done complaining about it and I will now do it.

just as soon as that girl emails me back.......! ps. there are some friends of mine that don't CARE what people think of their work and I wish I could be like that. I wish them the best and all the success in the world.


  1. I think its a good thing you care what people think of your work. I don't see how people don't care...? That doesn't seem like the right business mind! But, being an impatient person as well...I know how you feel. But trust me when I tell you this. Your work IS good. You WILL learn all the tricks of the trade. If disc not working is the only "Bad" thing you've come across, then I'd say you're doing quite well Bree :)

  2. Thanks, Leah! I appreciate that. You have some goodies coming in the mail. They are directly from the source, not me. I ordered them the other if they don't work...thats a problem and I will be on the phone to fix it.